Coupons : A regular coupon is an affiliate link and it doesn’t require inserting any code/special word. When users click on the link and proceed to the advertiser’s website, they activate a discount/free shipping/bonus which was included in the link parameters. The link with the coupon is unique for each publisher (as well as any affiliate link) and it includes the data on the publisher and his/her ad space. Attribution happens according to the Last cookie wins model . Sometimes it can also be called “Deal” in egypon website

Promo code is a unique randomly generated combination of letters and numbers that customers can fill in a special promotional box in the shopping cart or checkout page to get a discount on a current purchase or some other benefits like free shipping or delivery. It sounds quite simple but why does ecommerce need promo codes?

Besides saving some money for a customer, it is also a great marketing tool to attract more attention to the online store and drive traffic, You can get latest promo codes and discounts from egypon .

Exclusive and name promo codes. It is a sort of a mix of regular and unique promo codes. A publisher can get an exclusive promo code (for example, a blogger can agree on a special deal for his/her subscribers), however, attribution works according to Last Cookie Wins model and such a promo code doesn’t have priority over other traffic sources. You can get our exclusive promo codes from exclusive egypon .

I hop you could understand the difference , If you have a question you can post a comment here